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About Music House

Mission Statement: To become a parent's destination as their premier musical instrument company focused on student and midrange band and orchestra instruments while striving to educate our clientele in an appreciation for what a quality instrument's effect has on their child's successful enjoyment and achievement as an amateur musician. Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff will help inspire, educate and problem-solve for our customers. We will maximize shareholder value by tirelessly pursuing new growth opportunities by creating superior value for our customers while continually improving profitability for our associates and business partners through superior customer service, innovation and commitment !


Manufacture and Distributor of Musical Instruments . . .

The Music House is a manufacture and distributer of musical instruments. As an eTailor - the company sells and rents instruments through the internet. As a Retailer - distributes its products through music retailers and company owned outlet locations. Since 1974 the organization has supplied its retail dealers, schools and affiliate locations throughout the United States with name brand band & orchestra instruments as well its proprietary products Zephyr Band Instruments, Molinari Strings and Danco Reeds. Corporate headquarters and distributing facilities are based in Southern California.

Proprietary Brands
Zephyr - Molinari - Danco . . .

The products are manufactured in Europe and Asia and equal to any quality name brand. At Zephyr, global manufacturing is nothing new. Our established network of suppliers combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing partner facilities, allows Zephyr to deliver controlled, consistent quality and unprecedented value. The instrument lines are the definition of (Quality+Price)=Value!

Always committed to serving the needs of students and music educators, Zephyr has grown steadily over the years, recognized for craftsmanship, quality and value. Zephyr's commitment to world class quality provides students with their best chance for initial success by meeting the high performance needs of their instructors.

Zephyr Band Instruments and its Molinari String lines are developed and tested by employing the expert guidance of qualified repair technicians, music educators, and professional musicians. With the advancement of technology, sophisticated machinery enables a level of precision and consistency that was once uncontrollable. But, it is the human touch that properly fits and regulates each instrument to reach optimum sound quality and harmonization

The craftspeople at Zephyr test each instrument prior to shipment and take pride in placing the Zephyr and Molinari name on every instrument.

Musical Instrument Rentals
OnLine & Affiliate Locations . . .

The Music House rents band and orchestra instruments through its Affiliate Network locations supplying them with propritary name brand instruments to rent and sell to the parents of children participating in school instrumental music. All billing is transacted through The Music House. Click Here for Rental Locations.>

You can also rent an instrument and purchase books and accessories On-Line through our shopping cart.


Become a Music House Affiliate . . .

Music Retailers, School Band Booster and Foundation Organizations qualify. Find Out More


To all of you, from all of us at MusicHouse.com
Thank you and happy shopping!

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